Raven Speaks to Bear

Bear:      There is no doubt in my mind that regardless of how fixed one is in ones own life practices it still helps to examine them. If you sort them out, list and organize what beliefs and actions stem from your ideals you can act with greater certainty. To make sure nothing is accidentally misrepresented, especially at a moment of fatigue or frustration.

Bear:       If you were to agree with me on this premise which of the behaviors would you use to assist you in moments of emotional disturbance and which ones would you most likely avoid?

Bear:      Are the ones you would apply the easiest to fall back and is it possible that the ones you would tend to pass up might work better to facilitate each moment in time?

Bear:       I would love to know your thoughts on my questions?

Bear:       Which voice do you listen to most often when things in your life become challenging?

Raven:     The devil on my shoulder.

Raven Chatroom

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