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It’s been wonderful.

Yep he was amazing in every way and after 8 years of serving us he’s making way for the nightmare that we have set upon ourselves. So going forward this is the directive I take from his guidance. 1. Promote Tolerance. 2. Advance Activism. 3. Spread Love … but not

Some guidelines for the times that may be ahead

Some guidelines for the times that may be ahead.   Twenty really valuable things to remember as we move into the years to come.    … click here to continue reading Contributed to Bill Weaver

L. Cohen

If it be your will If there is a choice Let the rivers fill Let the hills rejoice Let your mercy spill On all these burning hearts in hell If it be your will To make us well – L. Cohen

And End This Night

I really can’t explain how much Leonard Cohen’s words meant to me. … click here to continue reading  

Teen Suicide

Bullying by peers and society because one does not fit in to social norms. Because diversity is not openly embraced is a direct cause of teen suicide. … click here to continue reading

Suddenly The Night Has Grown Colder

I finally finished this painting which I have been working on for months. It has been like a Grimm’s fairy tale stuck between my back molars. …click here to continue reading

Trans Women Ghost Ship Revisited

“Trans women are always having to hold each other in grief.” … Click here to continuing reading.

Ghost Ship

I was more than sad today to find on Saturday morning that a young underground artist collective in Oakland burned during a dance and music gather, 36 of these young people have been found dead. … Click here to continue reading

Newspeak is for Conservatives

It frustrates me when people who are wanting to act against the backward social movement that we just received post election get all tied up in semantics trying to describe who they align themselves with. All these semantics are just tying us up. And it’s a game we need to

It’s Christmas Time Again.

How do I feel about Christmas? Like many people I have family traditions and memories around this time of year that dig down deeply into my roots. Sometimes I can manifest the reenactment of those to try to nurture my soul, or create new traditions that are better suited to

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